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APRIL 11-14, 2024
Awake new earth center
Uvita, Costa rica

an experiential learning initiative

the journey


the gift

join us for a 3-Day odyssey in Costa Rica

Interactive workshops, ceremonies, and strategic design processes to build the community humanity needs.

Feel the healing energy of music and dance.
Engage in meaningful dialogue with intelligent souls like yourself.
Share your authentic voice and reveal your gifts to the collective.

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You are not alone. There is an awakening happening as we become aware of the need for something greater, and new  models to bring it forth. Something that will benefit not just ourselves, but humanity

Want to connect with people who are driving  strategies and initiatives for collaboration and creative problem-solving for social impact?

The Journey is a totally unique convergence of community, education, and creative expression

Guiding you through a living mythology, The Journey is a participatory experience where you embody the evolutionary edge of the future as though it is happening now. 

What to Expect: 

  • New relationships, ideas and connections to further your passion and projects

  • Breakthrough your limiting beliefs and harness your inherent capabilities

  • Develop relational and collective intelligence to enhance collaboration and community gift-sharing

Whether it is climate change, inequality, migration, food security or mental health, there are numerous issues facing humanity today. 

More and more, people like yourself are looking for ways to help solve these problems and prepare themselves for the major changes ahead. We can’t wait for a government to step in and provide the necessary support or solutions. 

The Journey is an experience designed to provide you with trust and clarity to do what inspires you most to help humanity. We believe that a society of individuals who are connected to the source of their gift is what will produce the world our hearts know is possible. .

From this we discover our calling.
Our Gift to the world.

Preparing for a complex and uncertain future

A Cultural Awakening

"The future Buddha may not come in the form of an individual, but in the form of a community practicing loving kindness and mindful living" - Thich Nath Hanh. 

This is a vision from an enlightened master of awakening communities, but how do we get there?

This is what we will explore in The Journey. 

Together, we will co-create an experience of community that values deep inquiry, human connection and reverence for the rhythms of nature.  

“We who love peace must learn to organize as effectively as those who love war”.  - Martin Luther King Jr.

Creating Purpose and Strategy

How do me and we proceed?

"The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions, and god-like technology."  - E.O Wilson

Understanding Context and Sense-making

What are we up against?

“The future buddha may come in the form of a community. A community practicing loving-kindness and mindful living” -Thich Nath Hanh

Developing Relational and Collective Intelligence

Who are we? 

“A human being is a part of the whole called by us the universe, a part limited in time and space…a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. ” -Albert Einstein

Exploring Identity and Values

Who Am I? 

"Try to love the questions the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer." - Rilke

The Journey is designed to help you discover yourself, your fellow humans and a shared passion for a better world through inquiry-based learning.

The  Four Inquiries 

The Journey is guided by the principles of reciprocity, self-awareness and service.

By embracing these principles, we challenge the story of separation, fostering a sense of unity and shared responsibility as we truly see how everything is interdependent

our guiding framework

reciprocity | self-awareness | service

Through narrative work and strategic design processes, participants acquire the knowledge and capabilities ask big questions and explore big problems.

We co-create a supportive environment to discover that everything we need is right here, right now.

Service & Self-Discovery

It's all about relationships -  between ourselves, the land and each other.

The Journey develops the wisdom and interpersonal skills to allow community to be a mirror as we collectively address real-world problems in with keen sense-making and "village-mindedness".

Expanding Impact & Building Community

The Journey provides a learning environment that stimulates the state of flow - the optimal human state.

Through novelty, unpredictability, connection, complexity, and awe, we foster flow. This enhances human curiosity, passion, and purpose. 

Learning & Transformation  


Thursday, April 11th, 2024

Authentic Relating
The Mirror In Each Other 
(Starts at 7:00pm)


Fire Ceremony


Communities of the Future 
Getting to know our vision, gifts and shadows through a design-led process to feel and articulate the future of community 

Council of All Beings


Morning Practice
Meditation & Yoga

Opening of The Journey

Story Of The Universe
A cosmo-narrative sound journey bridging science and spirit to show the principles of emergence and intelligent design

The Issues Are In The Tissues
Exploring the tension of attachment vs authenticity in our lives, and releasing what holds us back

Breathing Human Being
Breathwork journey with live soundscapes


Friday, April 12th, 2024

Song of the Soul
A Musical Journey with Elijah Ray and The Band of Light


Design Thinking
Working collaboratively to develop creative and innovative solutions for both people and the planet. Emphasizing strategic thinking, visual communication, and leadership skills

Harvest & Gift Ceremony

Experience The Gift Ceremony and close the container


Morning Practice
Meditation & Yoga

Experiential Futures
Sense-make local and global issues in a forum that reveals our wisdom and blindspots on the path to sovereignty


Saturday, April 13th, 2024


Sunday, April 14th, 2024

A 'hackathon for humanity', get together with others from The Journey to further ideas and connect more with existing projects (Starts at 9:00am)

Dance Church (optional)
A weekly community ecstatic dance hosted at Awake


Pitch from the Podium (optional)
Share your projects and inspiring ideas with the larger community of Awake and beond

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Each day begins at 7:00 am with morning practice (optional), sessions start at 9am,  and day ends around 9:30 pm unless otherwise noted.

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You are invited to Awake, Uvita, Costa Rica, for The Journey. As we develop programming around consciousness, creativity,  and education in this land-based community, your participation helps to shape what Awake becomes.

Embrace The Journey.
Embrace The Gift.

Join us in supporting the growth of Awake —a center devoted to embodying the seed of a new earth. 

The Power of Awake

APRIL 11TH-14TH, 2024 in Uvita, Costa Rica

Registration is now Full!

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Ambreen started her professional journey by following her passion and becoming an educator. She is a servant leader with a foundation in education and a passion for knowledge and resource sharing.

As a firm believer in the notion that small acts of kindness can create ripple effects of positive change, Ambreen is always open to collaborating with like-minded individuals who share her vision for a better world. A daily goal that Ambreen tries to live her life by is to spread kindness and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

"Queen B"


Prasanth Nair is the founder, CEO, and product architect of Double Gemini, a productivity consulting firm, and internationally-acclaimed expert in workplace productivity, Prasanth has developed and refined his life-changing techniques through almost 25 years of experience in project management, meeting facilitation, and team leadership with hundreds of teams around the world and across a variety of industries. 

Thousands of people in over 60 different countries and at companies like Amazon, Dropbox, Comcast, and WorldFirst have benefited from Double Gemini’s practical, people-centered approach to productivity. 

Outside of work, Prasanth is a father of four and — in his ever-shrinking spare time — enjoys endurance training and triathlons.



Rafiq has a deep passion for sustainability and spiritual growth. His storied career path has led him around the world, gaining different perspectives and learning to communicate complex ideas through simple stories.

He has worked with various levels of management, government and community organisations from the FIFA World Cup, Olympic & Paralympic Game, Aga Khan Development Network, Habitat for Humanity and United Way - often working to improve their environmental, social and economic impacts.

Rafiq is a catalyst for positive change and inspires a lasting impact in communities. He has also given a TEDx Talk and lives by the philosophy, "Leave your environment in a better condition than when you found it." He is currently working with leaders in the corporate sector to put the heart and community back at the center of business through his private practice, One World Services.



A dynamic mother of three, Terra is driven by a profound passion for transformational education, spiritual expansion, and the practical integration of these principles into everyday life.

In the vibrant landscapes of Costa Rica, she found her calling in community building, event/retreat production and online education, weaving her efforts into the very fabric of societal change.

For the past eight years, Terra has been contributing her talents in various roles in Envision Festival to co-create an immersive space of inspiration, creativity, and transformation.



Zamir is an interdisciplinary educator, visionary and healer dedicated to unlocking human potential and contributing to a society that works for all.

With a passion for culture change, consciousness and design thinking, he creates spaces for transformation and illuminates pathways to desirable futures. He is currently part of the leadership team of Awake - a New Earth Center in Costa Rica.

"The professor"


Leadership Team

meet the people

Eri is a musician and a healer. As a classically-trained violinist, she has performed throughout the world in numerous symphonic orchestras, opera houses and contemporary music ensembles.

Also, she has been engaged in collaboration with many artists of different genres and cultures to create unique musical language. Her experience in music industry led her to observe human emotions and conditions at depth that allows her to express music from higher perspective.

Over the years, she has discovered her ability to transmit sound frequency and music from other dimensions and cosmos which brings tremendous joy in music making. Since 2023 she lives in Costa Rica where she has been initiating herself on a shamanic music path.

Eri Takeya

As mother, teacher, and business owner, Claudia has been involved in education, activism and community organizing for 30+ years. 
She is committed to a pragmatic approach to change, believes in the power of community and the possibility of transformation when we show up for each other.

She has been the festival director of a human rights film fest and a “Films for Thought” series as well as owner and manager of a movie theater/cafe in Vermont that has been at the heart of community for over 20 years.

Claudia has been living in Costa Rica for 5 years now and is more committed than ever to work towards positive change as she sees the impact of people moving here, the ensuing changes to land and local culture, and she believes strongly that it is all of our responsibility to take part in shaping a world that is less divided, complacent and exploitative.

Claudia Becker

Alex Buta is a new Earth Visionary, Ecstatic Dance DJ & Facilitator, Intuitive Writer and Creativity Mentor. 

His passion for music started when he was 7 years old and, inspired by people's desire to dance and move after being in strict pandemic lockdown, became an ecstatic dance DJ.

Alex also incorporates in his music choice Arcturiann and Cosmic Soundscapes, supporting the integration of higher consciousness.

Alex Buta

Clémentine’s mission is to help you unlock your inner wisdom and foster a compassionate and supportive community in which you can grow and thrive.

She uses the Breath and Creativity as the main conduits for transformation. Clémentine has been practising breathwork since the age of 14. She studied over 20 Pranayama techniques, and advanced breathing techniques such as Rebirthing and Transformational Breath.

Combined with authentic relating integration and motivational coaching, she provides an in-depth approach that can profoundly affect your health and well-being.

Clementine Casafina

Lena Parnell is a certified Neuro Linguistics Practitioner, Lab Profile consultant, and Art of Difference workshop facilitator. Recently she has had a concentrated scholarship in “remembering” through her tutelage in a mystery school. Her desire is to unweave the social engineered programs, to present the “knowing” of what and who we are as humans. She offers through story telling the entangled arrangements of relationships with language and beliefs.

Her cross cultures studies in Tibetan shamanism, Tantra, Sufi and Zen Buddhism have assisted her in discerning that animism is normative consciousness. 

Lena Parnell

Harshil is a Community Drum Circle Facilitator. Founder of Drum Circle Spirit, he is a Certificate Trainer for Village Music Circles for Italy.

In his years of activity as a percussionist he's been able to verify how percussion, played in open and receptive mode, can positively influence many aspects of one's life.

His work with communities in rhythm help us to expand and integrate apparent opposites and discover their complementary - like the two hemispheres of the brain, logical and intuitive.


Soteria is passionate about being a bridge for aligning the vertical (Self-Awareness & the Spiritual) with the horizontal (Relational & Earth) axis’s, to assist in bringing forth the personal medicine within the communal context. She manages and organizes events in Awake, as well as facilitating authentic relating events and healing arts. 

Soteria Spyridakos

Akasha is a dharma artist, weaving dance, visual storytelling into creative ceremonies that liberate human expression. 

On the stage of life, Akasha prays her way through infinite roles: un-performing, un-teaching and un directing our play through a variety of offerings all over the world that marry dance with tantra, merges esotericism with eroticism, the soul with the whole; and from the sacred union within, (re)births the art that we are from our hearts.


Native to Costa Costa Rica, India Mayorga is a powerful, multi-faceted speaker, ceremonialist and local leader committed to holistic healing and guiding others towards their true purpose. 

Co-founder of the renowned Imiloa Institute and visionary behind Movimiento Ancestral, India delves into ancestral healing, connecting people to their roots and unlocking their full potential. 

Drawing from her expertise in research and project management, India weaves together tradition, innovation, and sustainability. She inspires humanity to embrace sovereignty models for freedom, fostering a love for nature and empowering youth to protect Mother Earth.

India Mayorga

Drew is the co-founder of Awake Conscious Life Center in Uvita, Costa Rica. He is an original medicine musician and Authentic Relating practitioner and has a special connection to plant medicine.

From the heart, he writes and shares conscious music that connects on a soul level and holds spaces for authentic expression and relaxation. He is passionate about bringing a group together into positive vibration and sharing the experiences that have transformed him with others.

Drew LaPlante

Facilitators & Artists

Yes, it’s important to that you attend all the sessions. This is a carefully curated experience to ensure that you have the true impact of what is being offered. 

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Yes, all your food is included. There will be drinks and snacks available to purchase onsite as well

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Yes, the official accommodations for The Journey are at Awake. Visit this Accommodations page (here) to learn more. If Awake is fully booked, there are numerous options nearby to stay. 

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The Gift is a realization that life is a gift, and what we give is our gift back to life.

In a world where all domains of life have been de-sacralized, The Gift is a vehicle to support the restoration of spiritually rooted culture that is non-dogmatic and eminently pragmatic.

#NewEarth #VibrationalFrequency

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The Journey is an invitation to explore the knowledge, practices and cultural processes needed to sense-make and solve the problems of our generation in a sacred way with celebration.

Through new ways of communion in shared inquiry and celebration, participants experience what it feels like to embody the principles of reciprocity, self-awareness and service.

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The Journey is an experience designed to stimulate deep inquiry, cultivate authentic presence and harness collective intelligence to provide you with trust and clarity to do what inspires you most to help humanity.

Participants will have a safe space to explore themselves through experiential art, guided meditation, interactive workshops and social connections with like-minded individuals from around the world. 

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Five Reasons to Join
The  Journey 

It's a vision.

The Gift is more than a Journey, it's a cultural vision.

Imagine a culture where giving and receiving naturally flow among all members, fostering the creative process and leading to a sense of fulfillment where life becomes a gift.


The human symphony.

We're creating an experience where every participant gets to ‘be their note’, so that together we form a human symphony. The combination of educators, facilitators and artists weave to create an exquisite balance of structure in improvisation - the creative edge where magic happens.


You'll hear nature speak.

The Journey is happening in the verdant ecosystem of Costa Rica. Steps from the Rio Verde river surrounded by birdsong, fruit trees, flowering plant, herb gardens, and minutes from the ocean, you'll be immersed in nature.


Living conversations

The keyword at the Journey is “experience”. You can find talking heads on YouTube, at the Journey we are about living conversations that translate ideas into things we can touch, feel, and see. Visualize a Jedi training ground where multiple intelligences are activated to tap into the field of human potential.


Creativity, service + self-development.

Yes you can marry all three.
Humans can fire on all cylinders when creativity, service, and self-development are integrated into the ways we gather. You'll be in the company of people that inspire you to be all you can be, and leave with ideas, connections, and personal insights that support you to be the change you wish to see in the world.


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